"Thank you so much
for your

It must work really
well for I've never
been able to hear
all of it.... I always
seem to drift

Dr. Bill Toth

Author, Father, Speaker















PHYSICAL FITNESS ............................

Mood Improvement, Weight Balancing.

Obesity, low energy, depression and chronic illness plague our society. So many of us start a new diet, join a gym o make new year resolutions, only to stay the same and remain discouraged.The PHYSICAL FITNESS CD offers the solution by retraining our brains to be hungry for exercise and health-giving foods. Hypnosis is a powerful self-help tool. Great for personal transformation and total wellness!

WARNING: Listen ONLY while in bed during sleep or when desiring to SLEEP and resting in a safe place with eyes closed or when desiring to become very drowsy.

DANGER: Listening to this recording may put you to sleep or make you too drowsy to be alert or to focus. Do NOT listen to this recording while driving or operating machinery or during any activity that requires you to be awake, alert or focused. Falling asleep or becoming drowsy at the wrong time can cause injury, harm or even accidental death to yourself or others.



"These recordings
that you listen to
while you sleep
are a great tool
towards a new
approach in
self healing."

Dr. Raphael
Kellman, MD

Author (Double Day)
Director of the Center of
Progressive Medicine in
Graduate of Albert
Einstein Medical College,
Internal Medicine

"Very good quality
Fabulous for
stress reduction
and insomnia! I
frequently use the
recordings myself
and I am also
suggesting them
to my patients.

Dr. Randy W.

Licensed Clinical
Psychologist, New York
State PHD in Psychology
Creator of the Radio
Show: "Think Positive
for a Change!"

Author of over 230
Published Articles
on Mental Health

Clinical Experience:
Over 20 years of Private
Clinical Experience: In
Hospital Work.
Teaching: Courses in
Psychology at University
& College.

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