"Thank you so much
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It must work really
well for I've never
been able to hear
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Dr. Bill Toth

Author, Father, Speaker




Q: How often do I use my SLEEPTAPES CD for best results?

A: For best results play your SLEEPTAPES CD on continuous REPEAT PLAY from the minute you go to bed until you wake up in the morning. Optimal if you can wake up one hour early in the morning and listen to the CD carefully while awake and try to hear both voices while being very still and relaxed in bed.

Q: How long will it take for me to see noticeable improvement after listening to my SLEEPTAPES CD?

A: Results may vary from person to person. Immediate results may be noticeable in your quality of sleep and ability to relax and be calm. Other results may pile up, one by one, or too numerous to even notice. The only way to accurately clock any subtle changes in your life is by using the daily workbook and diary and keeping a log. The key is that only YOU can change yourself. Your SLEEPTAPES CD is your private cheerleader to both your conscious and your unconscious mind. The longer you use the recordings consistently the more powerful a buildup of repetitive encouragement can be. For best results, we suggest you use your SLEEPTAPES CD for a minimum of three years every single night while you sleep on CONTINUOUS REPEAT PLAY all night long. We also suggest frequent nap times and meditation sessions while listening again while resting or awake. It took 20, 30 maybe even 40 years for you to learn the mental habits that are programmed into your brain. While results may show up pretty quickly in some areas, others may need some time to be impacted by this gentle and simple approach at contacting your mind on deeper levels and repeatedly sending in encouragement and positive affirmations to different parts of your brain.

Q: What if I have more then one problem and I want to use several different categories of SLEEPTAPES CD's?

A: If you have a CD player that handles three, four or even five or six CD's at a time it is perfectly fine to load up as many SLEEPTAPES CD's as will fit and play them continuously one to another all night long. You may also alternate nights or weeks or daytime naps or meditations. If you do this, you may have more general improvement over a longer period of time and less specific improvement. For best results, pick your two or three most serious challenges and focus on them with occasional meditations with the other categories for entertainment. For example, frequently a person with relationship challenges may also have money challenges too. Using the LOVE MENDER and ATTRACTING WEALTH together with either PHYSICAL FITNESS or EMOTIONAL CRISIS would be a great combination of categories.

Q: I am sleeping with my life's partner and he/she is worried about being affected by my SLEEPTAPES CD. What do I tell him/her? Should I sleep with headphones on?

A: Only good can come from listening to the gentle soothing messages and stories on the SLEEPTAPES CD recordings. Any and all listeners may find surprising benefits showing up in their lives totally unexpected from some of the side effects reported from users of these products. At minimum, a general sense of well being and sweetness may come between you that may not have been there before. A quietness, peace and calmness may enter your relationship that may not have been there before. An ability to connect on deeper levels and finding better levels of communication may show up when you least expect it. We recommend ONLY using regular speakers on a CD player in your bedroom. It is dangerous to fall asleep with headphones on as you may get tangled up in wires and choke yourself or loose blood to an area of your body tied up in the wires.

Q: Tell me about that manual called PERSONAL TRANSFORMATION and what it is for exactly?

A: PERSONAL TRANSFORMATION is a personal diary kept by the author and creator of the Famous Hypnotic SLEEPTAPES System. The SLEEPTAPES system works best when used in conjunction with the book and the workbook provided. By reading the diary of the author we learn how to use the workbook and how we actually make progress in our lives in a humble and day to day approach to struggling through personal challenges. The author reveals her own pain, her own struggles and embarrassing failures eventually leading to profound healing, personal miracles and massive improvement. The author is keeping this diary while she is creating and learning to use her own product. While reading along with her, we come to a deeper understanding of why they were created, the spiritual method behind their creation and most importantly, a description and an example of how to use the workbook and how to meditate during the day for optimal personal transformation and personal improvement.

Q: Will I improve more quickly if I use the workbook as well?

A: If you use the daily diary workbook your improvement will also involve your conscious mind and changes will be documented by you. Using the workbook is a much more powerful and dedicated approach to self healing and self improvement. The success of your work with your SLEEPTAPES CD can be much quicker and much more powerful accompanied by the use of the daily diary workbook.

Q: What are the side effects of using a SLEEPTAPES CD that I should be aware of?

A: Side effects of using any SLEEPTAPES CD include the possibility of improved sleeping habits, better quality sleep, better rest, more energy, more enthusiasm, more hope, better emotions, better moods, better friendships, more focus, more desire, better sex, better ability to focus and learn, better health, less stress, more strength of character and much much more.

Q: Are there any dangers to me or my safety in using a SLEEPTAPES CD that I should be aware of?

A: SLEEPTAPES CD's are created to put you to sleep and at minimum to create a state of total deep relaxation and a defocused mental state. It is VERY DANGEROUS to use or listen to a SLEEPTAPES CD recording while doing anything other then resting comfortably in your bed or sitting back in an armchair where your attention or awareness or awakeness is NOT REQUIRED. Particularly dangerous places to listen to a SLEEPTAPES CD is in the car, in the bathtub, while baby-sitting or cooking or using a stove, or near fire, or near any sort of electrical equipment or water with electricity or while baby sitting or working with any sort of equipment or tools of any kind whatsoever. Falling asleep at the wrong time could cause serious injury or death. ONLY use your SLEEPTAPES CD while resting in bed or reclining in an armchair with no other concerns or responsibilities required of you by your awake and conscious mind.

Q: I am worried about subliminal messages and hypnosis taking over my mind and making me do something I don't want to do. Can this happen?

A: On your SLEEPTAPES CD recordings, if you turn the volume as loud as you can, both voices and all words recorded can clearly be heard. To get a printed copy for free of all text of all words, stories and affirmations that are on the CD's, you may download them off our web site at any time you like and read them over to see what they say. Our web site is located at www.sleeptapes.com. Each SLEEPTAPE CD recording has five spiritual principles on it which are made in fairy tale like stories. These stories are as harmless as a children's book fairy tale and will have the same capacity for harm. The affirmations are just positive and encouraging repetitive statements geared towards influencing you to be more positive towards your goals and self improvement and self empowerment.

Q: I have a coupon in my SLEEPTAPES CD box for an unlimited free subscription to three magazines called CRISIS MANAGEMENT, PERSONAL IMPROVEMENT and WELLNESS PROGRAMS. Please explain.

A: We have created three magazines in alignment with the categories of SLEEPTAPES CD's in order to continually help all the users of our SLEEPTAPES CDs completely for free. Your SLEEPTAPES CD is your cheerleader and private coach. Also needed for self improvement and healing of many issues in our lives is a constant exploration of methods, teachers, books, tapes, seminars, doctors, medications and healing methods open and available and the newest techniques and workshops etc. These magazines will be your free resource in getting awareness and notification and having access to articles written by leaders in these topics from around the world on a quarterly basis. Each of the three magazines will be mailed to you at the address you submit as we print them at no charge to you. They are our "THANK YOU" and our continued support in your endeavor to improve your life and find wellness and health through self betterment and learning.

Q: I hear too much "s" sound on the recording and it is disturbing to me. What do I do?

A: Look on your stereo for the TREBLE button and turn down the treble. Look for the BASS button and turn up the bass. This should balance out the quality of sound and fix the "s" sound that might be too high on your system.

"These recordings
that you listen to
while you sleep
are a great tool
towards a new
approach in
self healing."

Dr. Raphael
Kellman, MD

Author (Double Day)
Director of the Center of
Progressive Medicine in
Graduate of Albert
Einstein Medical College,
Internal Medicine

"Very good quality
Fabulous for
stress reduction
and insomnia! I
frequently use the
recordings myself
and I am also
suggesting them
to my patients.

Dr. Randy W.

Licensed Clinical
Psychologist, New York
State PHD in Psychology

Creator of the Radio
Show: "Think Positive
for a Change!"

Author of over 230
Published Articles
on Mental Health

Clinical Experience:
Over 20 years of Private
Clinical Experience: In
Hospital Work.
Teaching: Courses in
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