"Thank you so much
for your

It must work really
well for I've never
been able to hear
all of it.... I always
seem to drift

Dr. Bill Toth

Author, Father, Speaker




For use of SLEEPTAPES CD’s


- Continuous Play CD Player with Speakers or Headphones by your bed,  recliner arm chair or meditation corner.

- Comfortable place to lie down, sit with eyes closed or recline in order to peacefully drift into a deep sleep or restful meditation.

- A deep and true desire to improve your life and take action towards this goal.



- Put CD into CD player.

- Set CD player for continuous play for CD to replay over and over all night long, or .

- Set volume to comfortable level as loud as you are able to hear it and still fall asleep.

- Review bass/treble settings checking playback levels – some players make the s sound whistle and that could be irritating to some ears. To fix this, turn down treble and turn up bass to the quality of sound that pleases your ear.

- This recording is meant to put you to sleep.  Eyes MUST BE CLOSED. Focus on your breathing, on the feeling in your body and on looking around the  inside of your head with your eyes while you listen.

-  WARNING: Listen ONLY while in bed during sleep, or when desiring to Sleep, and resting in a safe place with eyes closed, or when desiring to become very drowsy.

- DANGER: Listening to this recording may put you to sleep, or make you too drowsy to be alert or to focus. Do NOT listen to this recording while driving or operating machinery, or during any activity that requires you to be awake, alert or attentive. Falling asleep or becoming drowsy at the wrong time can cause injury, harm or even accidental death to yourself or others.



-  Use during the day as frequently as possible during a nap or a meditation either while lying down or in a reclining arm chair or in meditation position with eyes closed.

- Use frequently while awake and sitting up with eyes closed listening carefully to all of the words of both voices and allowing yourself to consider their meaning in your life.

- Get a copy of the PERSONAL TRANSFORMATION WORKBOOK and keep a daily diary. This diary helps in the recruiting the assistance of your CONCIOUS mind towards the conquering of your personal challenges.  The SLEEPTAPES CD helps in the recruiting of your UN-CONSCIOUS mind.

- Get a copy of the PERSONAL TRANSFORMATION DIARY to learn about how to incorporate personal transformation into your life through the use of the spiritual principles and the daily workbook diary.


- SLEEPTAPES work on your unconscious mind as your own private coach, your spiritual guide, your mental reminder to help you focus on your goals, your brain “re-programmer” to be more positive and to be strong and more.

- SLEEPTAPES can act as your best friend, your own private cheerleader, your own private hypnotist in the comfort of your home, your own private sedative without any of the side effects of drug use for sedation and more.

- SLEEPTAPES work best in conjunction with use of the PERSONAL TRANSFORMATION WORKBOOK.  SLEEPTAPES recordings work on your unconscious mind and the workbook works on your concious mind.

- The SLEEPTAPES System works best when you understand the spiritual principles and how to use the diary.  This is best learned through the complete and careful reading of the PERSONAL TRANSFORMATION MANUAL and example of how to use these spiritual principles within your life to get total and complete transformation of your life.

"These recordings
that you listen to
while you sleep
are a great tool
towards a new
approach in
self healing."

Dr. Raphael
Kellman, MD

Author (Double Day)
Director of the Center of
Progressive Medicine in
Graduate of Albert
Einstein Medical College,
Internal Medicine

"Very good quality
Fabulous for
stress reduction
and insomnia! I
frequently use the
recordings myself
and I am also
suggesting them
to my patients.

Dr. Randy W.

Licensed Clinical
Psychologist, New York
State PHD in Psychology

Creator of the Radio
Show: "Think Positive
for a Change!"

Author of over 230
Published Articles
on Mental Health

Clinical Experience:
Over 20 years of Private
Clinical Experience: In
Hospital Work.
Teaching: Courses in
Psychology at University
& College.

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